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Let's Talk Politics

Earn Constituent Trust, Donations, and Votes Today!

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I'm Emma White Montalvo,
your campaign specialist in  Political Communications

 I help you earn precious votes (and funding) through strategic communication content designed to:

  • Engage

  • Motivate

  • Inspire


citizens into voting for you as their local representative!

Here's What I Can Do For You:

I specialize in crafting campaign marketing materials, writing persuasive copy, and giving consult about personalized campaign communication strategies.

Branding Design

Image is Everything.


Make both a verbal AND visual impact that impresses constituents with your personality, professionalism, and practical political policies.

Perfect the graphic design of your logos, website, posters, invitations, and other marketing materials by ensuring everything you say as well as show aligns with your values. 

Marketing and Fundraising Content

Money makes the World go 'Round

Build trust and foster confidence throughout all your written materials so that when a fundraising ask takes place, donors are ready to say "YES! Here's the $$$!"

Earning donations is a critical part of every campaign. Persuading people to believe that your cause aligns with their interests is key to successfully receiving campaign funds.

Campaign Consulting

Campaign Smarter, Not Harder

I'll teach you the motivations behind voter habits and guide you on understanding party politics so you can develop your personally optimized campaigning approach. 

Feel confident making decisions based on years of research about what leads to success during election season.

Let's Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

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